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Sunday, January 23, 2022

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The Video Gallery

EDUVATION Movie - Saint Mary's Orthodoxe College

EDUVATION-Registrar Department

EDUVATION Movie 01/11 - Father Dimas Intro

EDUVATION Movie 02/11-School's Divisions

EDUVATION Movie 03/11-Special Eduvation Department

EDUVATION Movie 04/11-Members and Administration

Movie 05/11-Academic Approach 1R&D DATM

EDUVATION Movie 06/11-Digital Curriculum Department

EDUVATION Movie 07/11-Academic Approach 2

EDUVATION Movie 08/11-Educational Approach CDI

EDUVATION Movie 09/11-Health and Transportation

EDUVATION Movie 10/11-EDUVATION Publications

EDUVATION Movie 11/11-Message from His Eminence M E

Eduvation App Trailer full HD

Eduvation App Trailer Arabic Version full HD